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Meet the African American Toys That Make This Entrepreneur $200 to $300 a Day!

Dante Lee, founder of Toys Like MeToys Like Me™ was created by Dante Lee, a 37-year old African American dad from Washington, DC who noticed that most toys sold by major retailers do not reflect what children with brown skin look like.

So, he decided to create backpack dolls™ and emoji pillows that Black children could resonate with, that is, toys that would build character, self-esteem, and most importantly... self-awareness!

The toys are so popular that he makes $200 to $300 every single day from parents, grandparents and others who want to buy the toys for their children.

He is planning to also soon release a line of baby dolls, barbie dolls, action figures, and more plush toys that all resemble people of color.

Lee has an 11-year old son, named DJ, and has been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years. He is mostly known as the founder and publisher of popular web sites like,,,, and more than 15 others.

He travels frequently to Mexico, China, and the Philippines... and speaks 3 languages fluently!

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