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Simply Adorable, Soft Fabric African American Emoji Pillows (2-Pack)

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Created to build self-esteem and self-awareness among young African American children, these cute and petite plushy emoji pillows are truly the first of their kind. They have been beautifully-designed for toddlers, but are also popular with bigger kids... and even adults!

Here are some of the features:

  • Includes 2 hand-crafted mini-pillows suited with the most popular emoji facial expressions (as seen in the photos on this page).
  • Made from durable synthetic fiber and cotton.
  • Super soft fabric that has been durably stitched together
  • Promote a positive self-image for both boys and girls with brown skin.
  • Great gift for children... and adult collectors!

They can be used as small pillows for toddlers, as small toys, and as decoration items alongside other stuffed animals and toys... at work or at home.

They are super soft, very durable, and simply adorable -- must-have toys that any young boy or girl would fall in love with.

Great gift for sons, daughters, grandkids, nephews, nieces, friends... and more... and more!


"These are the cutest toys ever. I bought the three-pack for my 3 granddaughters." -- S. Crenshaw

"I wish they had these when I was little." -- P. Davis

 "I bought a bag for my daughter"
-- E. Capehart

 "I love how it opens up like a backpack. That's cute!" -- J.A. Taylor

 "That’s adorable!" -- D. Gabriel

 "How cute!!!!" -- D. Harris

"They were a bit smaller than I expected, but still very nice products... and great for building cultural awareness in children." -- D. Marquette

"This is awesome but let's not forget our little black boys when creating awesome things." -- T. Wallace-Wilson

 "Three thumbs up!" -- Y. Cuffie

 "Cute!" -- E. Bomani

 "Just want to say your Return Policy is outstanding, lol. Here’s your item, enjoy it and the answer is ‘no’." -- A. Wilson

 "Adorable!" -- S. Higgins

 "Congrats to the creators of these products. They are very nicely designed." -- R. Mahdee

 "I will definitely be getting the Emoji for my daughter." -- J. Bailey Jones

 "Congrats to the dadpreneur who created these products!! Im always very proud of you." -- M. Franciosa

 "Awesome idea." -- P. Randolph

 "These are adorable! I need to some for my daughter and nieces" --
D. Watts-Williams